Cyber Security…ignorance is no defence

Cyber Security Awareness Training for management and staff

’Learn to dance before going to the ball’

For the past 8 years The Bureau has been busy developing a range of cyber security services for its clients to form its Cyber Security Awareness Programme.

To develop this work further we have become Partners of Kaspersky Lab and KnowBe4 who are each leading cyber security awareness training providers. It is through these partnerships that The Bureau will deliver a range of online cyber security awareness training.

The Bureau has long argued that cyber security awareness training is the only way an organisation can keep its management and staff cyber savvy and alert to the daily dangers of phishing and ransomware attacks as well as plain old-fashioned financial fraud.

The cyber-criminals are avoiding most of the security hard and software traps being set for them and going for the humans, who continue to be the weakest link.

Our cyber security awareness training programme is user friendly, intuitive and offers commercial organisations of all sizes an affordable way to access highly effective staff training conveniently in the office, on the job, on the office network using continuous learning programmes.

By training employees to become your ‘human firewall’ you massively reduce the likelihood of having a damaging Ransomware and/or Phishing attack.

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Today’s business owners and managers are required to have a process to test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of current IT and cyber security management controls. The Financial Conduct Authority, Solicitors Regulatory Authority and the ICO each require these stipulations to demonstrate a firm’s compliance.

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